AI Writes Code

aicodoo uses Machine Learning to automatically write code.

It is able to change existing code or create new applications of any programming language.

aicodoo will boost productivity of software development teams and revolutionize "Low-code" and "No-code" solutions.

How does it work?

Step 1: Select

Select a code repository from GitHub or upload your own code. aicodoo's AI will determine the model that is implemented in the chosen code.

Step 2: Change

aicodoo will display the detected model for the selected project. You can edit the model or define a completely new application.

Step 3: Generate

aicodoo's AI will implement the new model within a few seconds, using the original code as a template. The new code is then available for download.

Please select a project:

Jakarta EE Library Catalog

Jakarta EE 8 application with PrimeFaces front end.

Code on GitHub:

Spring Boot + Angular

Spring Boot with Angular front end.


Simple PHP CRUD application.

Custom Project

Enter any GitHub repository URL or upload your own code.

Change the following model and then click on the Generate button. Or click on Define New Application to start creating a new application.


The application was generated successfully! Please use following link to download the code:

  Under the Hood

Learning from open source examples, aicodoo knows the generic patterns of how models are implemented into code. From this "general knowledge", it is able to recognize the model and the specific implementation patterns of a certain project ("specialized knowledge").

aicodoo is using the great WEKA machine learning toolkit.

aicodoo can be used with every model type. Currently it has been trained using simple Entity-relationship models.

aicodoo can automatically analyze and generate code of any programming language.

The aicodoo REST API can be integrated easily into every software development tool and engineering process.

  Why aicodoo?

It is applicable for any project. No matter if the project was generated by aicodoo or not.

It is applicable for any technology stack and programming language. No limitations to what a Low-Code platform or code generator is providing.

It will follow individual software architecture and coding guidelines automatically.

No need to adapt complex code generation templates for specific needs.

aicodoo inserts changes exactly at the necessary code points and does not overwrite other parts.

Transparent: ML algorithms are used in a transparent way, so that one can retrace how decisions are made.

No lock-in: The generated code has no tool-specific lock-ins.

No model: You do not need to provide the current model of your project. The tool will find out all it needs.

Business departments will be enabled to change their proprietary software without coding.

Every software developer, team or company will be able to provide great Low-code and No-code tools from their existing "best practice applications".

  Get Connected!

The best place to follow the aicodoo project is on Twitter:

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If you are curious and have questions, you can also use good old Email:

Who is behind it?

Hi, I am Alexander Derksen, the owner of aicodoo.

I have many years of experience with full-stack software development, code generation and machine learning.

You can connect with me on LinkedIn, XING and Twitter.